About Us

SummerPlay is a game development studio focused on developing high quality 2D and 3D games and services that incorporate blockchain technology to enhance the player experience.

SummerPlay's flagship title, Records of Avirilia is currently in production. Records of Avirilia is a hub-based MMORPG aimed at introducing players to the world of blockchain while still being a fun and high quality game at its core.

Fun first. Blockchain second.

At SummerPlay, we understand games. While other blockchain game studios are building blockchain apps with games built around them, we understand that in order for blockchain gaming to work, the focus needs to be on the games themselves. That's why our games will always be designed to be fun before all else, so the player can focus on what they want to do most: play great games.

Helmed by game industry veterans with extensive experience designing and building large, online games and services, SummerPlay is well positioned to become a leader in blockchain gaming.

Empowering other developers.

Making games is hard. Making blockchain games is even harder. Let us do the work so you and your team can just focus on making cool games. SummerPlay is developing a flexible, easy to use suite of software services that developers can leverage to add blockchain technology to their own games. Our services are battle tested in our own games before made available to the public, so that you can be sure that whether it's a free-to-play MMORPG or a pay-to-play lobby-based shooter, the tools we provide will get your players experiencing the magic of blockchain gaming without the hassle.